Are stair lifts successful in India?

A question often comes to the person's mind using a residential stairlift - Is stair lifting an effective mode of travelling in developing countries like India? The answer is, 'It depends. Before we proceed further, let us understand precisely what a residential stairlift is and how it differs from a wheelchair stairlift. Stairlifts are available for both the physically challenged and the wheelchair user. A residential stair lift operator in India may use either the traditional or the remote control system to operate his stairlift.

Residential Stair Lifts In India

If we look at the functioning of a residential stairlift compared to a wheelchair lift, there are some significant differences. Wheelchair stair lifts need to be assembled manually by the wheelchair user and are often too weak to carry several people's weight. On the other hand, stairlifts are available in both manual and remote control systems. Residential chair lifts can also be taken into use without the help of a wheelchair user.

In countries like India, where there is no proper infrastructure to support even a single stairlift, the residential stairlift operators need to look for support from organizations like Accessible Space Foundation. Such organizations help out residential stairlift operators in places like India. These organizations also provide technical support and help the operators to make their service more efficient. Sometimes, depending on the situation, the organizations likewise help the operators in their decision-making process and negotiate with the local authority.

Stairs Lifts

Since stairlifts in India are relatively new and there are not enough numbers in the country, the service provider companies involved in providing stairlifts have taken a lot of time to operationalize them. Even now, the government has to bear most of the cost of such lifts. So, there is still a lot of focus on getting residential lift manufacturers to produce these devices in large numbers. Only when this happens will the residential stairlift market in India become successful in the long run.

As per the demand and supply theory, the first wave of residential stairlift manufacturers will slowly enter the market. Only when enough devices are manufactured and the demand for lifts is high will the prices come down. The first devices produced commercially by such companies will be highly sophisticated and will have advanced features. Advanced features will increase their cost significantly. But, once the machines are ready, the prices will go down further.

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