Wonders of the Elevator: Interesting Elevators around the World

Who doesn’t know about the Wonders of the World? We all have cramped up their names when we were little. Well, technology advanced and we have so many other wonders to wonder and admire. One of these is the invention of an Elevator.

Google dictionary defines Elevator as an;

“Platform or compartment housed in a shaft for raising and lowering people or things to different levels.”

And just like that, elevators made mobility on a day to day basis, simple and effortless. But there is a lot to them we are yet to discover. With more development in the field, the elevators are becoming more sophisticated and elegant, and even a statement.

Let us take a few examples of elevators around the world which are not just making moving from one place to another easier but also are astonishing when it comes to their structure which is unique and praiseworthy.


•  AquaDom Elevator, Germany

The moment I spell ocean, you are transported to a beach with a beautiful shack and a cooling drink in your hand. What if we say you could feel the same inside an elevator? Shocking, isn’t it? AquaDom Elevator in Radisson Blu in Berlin-Mitte Germany will change your opinion but you will be still in shock. Without a drop of seawater splashing, while you are inside it has been made possible by this creation which is an 82 feet tall aquarium with a transparent center as the elevator. The structure is holding 260,000 gallons of seawater that is made of acrylic glass, making it the world’s largest cylindrical tank. 

The aquarium is now home to about 1500 different fish which belongs to 97 species. On an average, 18 pounds of food is fed to them every day that two by divers whose numbers are three or four.


•  Bailong Elevator, China

China is already home one Wonder of the World, but that can’t stop them to have other wonders right? So after building a Great Wall, they turned to build a great elevator, that too an external elevator. Have you been to one?

Bailong Elevator is built on the side of a huge cliff which is in the Wulingyuan area of Zhangjiajie. This elevator allows you to take in the breathtaking view while you are going up to the cliff. The estimated time which it took to be completed was 3 years and has been in functional since 2002. The intention of building this was to let people enjoy the quartzite sandstone pillars which is about 1020 feet high. In July 2015, the elevator was given a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the tallest outdoor lift.


•  Louvre Elevator, France

After water and air, here comes an elevator which is an open cylinder from one end, making it distinct and unique across the world. This elevator is present in the Lourve Museum of Paris which is after its starking history, is known by this beauty and wonder. The elevator is situated right in the middle of a spiral staircase which is in the historical center.

Absolutely futuristic in approach, this elevator operates in utmost silence, accommodating about 10 people ar one time. You can visit the museum shed because of the open top.

These elevators embark us on a journey that is full of wonder and indeed, technology-driven.

By POLO Elevators - Elevator Suppliers & Manufacturers