The Evolution of Lifts - Tracing It Origins

In today’s age, we are always in a hurry in our busy lives where the lifts have played a crucial life.

We are in a fast-paced mode where we are always in a rush to reach somewhere.

But has it always been so easy throughout the time?

Did people have this convenience from the starting or how did they develop the technology gradually to make their movement faster?

The need to move things to the next level has always been a need as well a demand throughout history.  

These are some of the interesting questions that must be coming into one’s mind and makes one wonder how in the past, people moved quick and fast in their life. 

Below are some of the best and notable developments that have evolved the elevator technology which has, in turn, made the lives of people easier and comfortable in a remarkable manner:

Ancient Times

Just like the vertical lifts were well-known for building the pyramids in Egypt, however, one can trace the first usage of the lifts to the Roman Times in the 3rd century BC.

It was the Greek mathematician, physicist and astronomer who is credited for the invention of the lift.

He had developed the lift system by a mechanism of ropes and pulleys.

In the ancient period, the usage of the lifts can be found to raise gladiators and wild animals up from the lower levels to the upper level. 

Medieval Times

In notable evidence of the lift system in medieval times, one can find a trace of the passenger lifts, also known as ‘Flying Chair’ designed for King Louis XV, that was installed by Blaise-Henri Arnoult at the Palace of Versailles in 1743.

The main objective of this elevator was to secretly transport his mistresses so that he is able to meet private and hence his meeting were discreet.

The elevator functioned via the system of pulling a cord which was connected to a pulley system with counterweights.  

Modern Times

In modern times, the next step in the revolution in the lift system was in the time of the invention of the steam engine by James Watt in 1765.

This invention allowed lifts to vertically transport larger and heavier loads like coal and steel to upper-level floors of taller buildings as construction sector boomed during the Industrial Revolution giving way to a lot of manual tasks and hence in order to make the lives of the people easier, such technological innovations were made.

It is interesting to note that the first passenger elevator was made in 1857 in a New York City department store just at the time when India was facing the gravest issue of the 1857 Sepoy Mutiny.

Since then, there has been a never-ending to the technological developments in the elevator system:

•    In 1878, the lifts got faster and more economical by the coming of the hydraulic elevator.
•    In 1887, a mechanism as devised for automatically closing the doors to the elevator shaft. 
•    In 1944, there was a development that prevented the elevator doors from closing on a passenger or another obstacle. 
•    In 1924, lifts could be controlled by their varying speeds. The system helped in controlling the acceleration, speed between floors and deceleration as the elevator came to a stop.

As buildings grow, elevators are also keeping up with the increased number of floors and the need to deliver passengers to their desired floors safely, securely and quickly.

With the increase in height and speed of elevators, innovators and inventors are constantly striving to add an edge to the design and technology of the lifts and introducing new safety and designer features that add to the visual appeal of the lifts as well.

New, better and advanced technologies are being developed and explored to make elevators taller, faster and safer.

The elevator does not only help to reduce the man’s effort of mobility, but it will also be able to greatly improve the efficiency of people moving from one place to another.

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