Covid 19 is going to change the way we use lifts.

In 2019, we all got severely affected by the outbreak of a disease named acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 ( SARS-CoV-2), which resulted in the worldwide pandemic by WHO ( World Health Organization). Coronavirus caused severe breathing disability, choking off the lungs undesirably and harshly affecting the breathing system.

 All International travel was despised because of this pandemic. Masks were implemented as a measure in order of a comprehensive strategy to suppress the transmission of this vicious disease and to save lives. Covid19 cases were drastically increasing, and we're getting higher with each passing day. One out of every ten people was tested positive. Wearing masks and sanitizers became normal and an essential protocol to be followed.

To prevent the spread of Covid19, some active measures were taken and implied to minimize the affecting factors and avoid necessitating further lockdowns. 

Vaccines came into play and helped boost immunity against this infectious disease. 

With the upliftment of the lockdown and setting back to basic routine, many practices were carried out in different ways, and people adopted those measures quickly and followed them.

People were made clear and aware while using several transportations, be it private or public, using stairs, and most importantly, how to use elevators at the workplace, home, hospitals, and malls with utmost safety. Elevators are the most convenient and time-saving, and they prove to be of infinite help to people facing issues while climbing up and down the stairs. As we all know, Elevators are widely used by people, therefore to safeguard their usage in this pandemic, Team Polo came with the most productive yet easy usage of the POLO Elevators that are systematically designed enabling more space while reducing the risk of people using them in this outbreak of the virus. Many protective measures can be followed while using the elevators, such as practicing social distancing while waiting and using the elevators and strictly adhering to lift safety instructions.

 Now you can be an intelligent citizen and play your role efficiently in controlling the spread of disease on your part while using the elevators by following some constructive but straightforward methods such as always wearing a mask properly, standing on the floor markings to maintain absolute distance from others while waiting for the lift, not entering into a crowded charge, adhering to the elevator safety instructions properly and using gloves while pressing the buttons You can further make the usage of the elevators guarded and compelling by reducing the number of people entering into the elevator at one time will prove to be very practical and prudent. Alternatives to using buttons in an elevator include utilizing a stick or a key or even elbow while pressing the buttons and not just by bare hands if you are not carrying gloves. You can also sanitize your hands properly before entering and exiting the elevator.

These are some of the most operative actions which contribute largely towards reducing the spread of the virus while using the elevator. There is zero need for fear while using the lifts, and feel riskier. The use of elevators can be made very easy and safe with POLO ELEVATORS. Be smart with POLO.