Features of Passenger Elevators

Passenger lifts are a major type of lifts that are very much in demand as it is used in many residential and commercial areas. We all know that the urban areas are booming and it has hence set the population growth rate at an increasing pace. With the increase in population, there is a certain pressure on many buildings especially when a building structure has many floors.

To combat the population pressure and make the movement of people faster in residential and commercial buildings, passenger elevators are the best way to save time and energy.

Therefore to tackle this problem and to ensure that people travel smoothly in lifts, there are certain features that a passenger elevator should have :

A Proper Door Design - A lift can have any kind of door design whether single, double, side or centre-opening. This should be decided and designed according to the number of people that on average use the elevators. Usually, the lifts have a centre opening that allows more people to enter and exit. It is hence up to the elevator manufacturer to decide based on the usage of lift by people that he or she can decide which kind of doors to opt for.

Different Usages of the Button - The elevator buttons play a very important role in the functioning of the lift and certainly when there is high or low population pressure. There are different kinds of buttons in lifts that have different uses such as:

  • Automatic Control Button System - The button that is there in the lift is pressed one by one where the lift will first attend to the first button pressed. It does not take up a series of button calls. These kinds of buttons are used for light traffic in a building.
  • Non-Selective Collective Button System - In passenger elevators that have these buttons, all stops take place in the order in which landings are reached after the button is pressed irrespective of the direction in which the elevator cable is moving. Such buttons are used in lifts where there is moderate traffic in buildings not having more than 5 stories.
  • Selective Control Button System - Such kind of buttons are used in passenger elevators where there is high traffic in both directions where when the button is pressed, it lands on whichever floor it comes to any direction in that order. Such lifts with these buttons are used in buildings having more than 5 stories.

Motor Generator - When the passenger elevator car cable has responded to all the buttons, the motor-generator is supposed to stop after a predetermined time. Again when the pressure on the corridor lift button is there, the motor-generator will turn on and the elevator cable will start moving smoothly.

Hence, with the above features, a passenger elevator will always work efficiently and smoothly. Even Polo Elevators manufacturers passenger elevators in Delhi for the client and accommodates different needs including the need to have stylish elevators. Passenger Elevators are the transporting arteries of modern buildings and play a significant role in a building’s economic success especially when it comes to handling the traffic it receives.