How Safe Are Home Elevators?

If you are reconstructing your home up to current housing standards, installing a home elevator is mandatory as per state guidelines. However, you might wonder how safe are home elevators and what you can cherry-pick from the litter. As a result, this article will assist you in understanding a few aspects of home elevators and the features that make them the safest to ensure seamless mobility around your property.

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How safe are elevators?

One of the most recent concerns parents witnessed while using elevators was the gap between the landing floor and the elevator doors. Although the space is negligible and hardly visible to adults, it can create a problem if you have a toddler who just learned to walk. Therefore, designing elevators that curbed the problem while ensuring the safety of the children had become imperative. As a result, you would now witness an overhaul in the industry of elevator design that increasingly addresses the concerns of individuals globally to deliver an ergonomic product.

Another concern that people would like companies to address is the fear of free falling and plummeting to the bottom. We can understand how dreadful it sounds, but companies have come up with solutions to overcome it. If you want your home elevator to be safe for your children and elderly to use, check whether it employs the use of slack cable safety devices and over-speed detectors.

Another widely discussed concern is getting stuck in the elevators. This concern is a nightmare for individuals who have claustrophobia or feel dizzy after getting stuck in an enclosed space! Therefore, you must always opt for a company that will be at your beck and call and offers immediate assistance and services. You can also have emergency reinforcements installed in your home elevators, such as a landline telephone or cable safety devices, to ensure protection even if the machinery malfunctions.

What features make a home elevator safe?

There have been several vital advancements in terms of security features in home elevators over the years. These include:

  • Interlock System
  • Power backup facility
  • Emergency alarms
  • One-touch screen doors
  • Battery-operated emergency lowering
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Safety sensors
  • Motorised braking
  • Slack-chain brake system

However, for individuals who value security features in a home elevator, cost should come secondary. You must always look for a company that employs trained professionals and values your and your family’s safety above anything else.

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