How to maintain personal hygiene in elevators?

Every day, we all are busy in some work or the other and are in a habit of rushing to someplace. In this process, we often use the elevators to reach a place fast so that we do not get delayed from our end. Elevators with time have become a necessity for people as taking stairs becomes more time-consuming.

While we get accustomed to travelling by lifts anywhere and anytime, we do not realize much how much we get exposed to unhygienic places and dirt. While there is no need to panic on this and become finicky about lift hygiene, there should be some points that should be kept in mind when using the elevators such as:

  • Cover your mouth - In the lifts, the maximum virus spread there only as within these four walls of the lift, one can easily be infected with a virus. This is especially true when it comes to cold and flu where sneezing and coughing can be the reason for someone else to develop a health issue. Hence, it is important for us to take precautionary steps to keep ourselves safe and sound by keeping ourselves, particularly our mouths and noses covered so that we do not contract any infection.
  • Use hand sanitizer or wash hands -  Hand sanitizer is a must after exiting the lift as several people keep touching buttons and different parts of the interiors of the lifts. We know that many people have unhygienic habits which we do not want, so, on our part, it is always better to wash hands or use hand sanitizer after coming out of the lifts.
  • Do not keep touching -  While we admire some lifts that look stylish and elegant in many places like in malls and offices, it is quite advisable not to keep touching the interiors of the lifts as again it is the dirt and many other things that can be very unhygienic personally. When we are particularly using lifts in a commercial place, we end using the same hands unwashed for doing other activities like eating.

Hence, from the above points, we can gauge the fact that elevators can be equally unhygienic as public toilets. As much as people fret over using public washrooms and other unhygienic things, the same could be said for lifts. The only problem is that we neglect the lift hygiene often, not realizing the potential of health threat.

There is a statistic related to elevator hygiene that the number of bacteria present on an elevator button is almost 40 times higher than on a public toilet seat. However, there is no need to be panicky about the same. It is on oneself to keep and maintain personal hygiene just like we do whenever we go out. 

What we can do from our end is that we inform the person who looks after the elevators to cross-check if the lifts are clean or not and have regular updates as well about elevator hygiene.

By POLO ELEVATORS - Elevator Suppliers & Lift Manufacturers in Delhi NCR