How to safely use Lifts & Elevators during Covid-19?

When riding an elevator in a commercial building before the Covid-19 pandemic, there were a few unspoken elevator protocols. If you noticed someone sprinting toward the elevator, it was polite to hold the doors.

People tried to create space for individuals even in that restricted area. However, people's attitudes toward riding elevators changed ever since the pandemic struck because following the protocols is the only thing that can keep you safe in a world that is now ridden with this contagious and fatal disease.

While some individuals dislike utilizing elevators, walking the stairs isn't always an option in high-rise buildings, especially when getting to the top floors. Moreover, people with limited mobility find it challenging to use the stairwell. Fortunately, there are precautions you can take in elevators during and after the pandemic, and we have listed a few below.

- Use a face mask and practice social distance

If you can't keep a two-meter gap from other passengers in the lift, wait for the next one or, if possible, take the stairs. To limit the risk of infection, it's better to travel in the lift/elevator cabin alone or with a small group (as determined by the building's policies). It is advisable that you always wear a mask whether in a lift or somewhere else. You must always keep the occupancy in an elevator in check to minimise the risk of contact.

- Use hand sanitizer

Install a hand sanitizer in the lobbies of your elevators or near the elevator doors. Visitors and residents should be encouraged to utilise it every time they enter the lift. Even if you have to use the call buttons, having a hand sanitiser in place prevents the virus from spreading and ensures safety and cleanliness. Additionally, you can ask your guests to sanitize their hands as they exit the lift to provide an extra layer of defense.

- Elevator buttons should not be touched directly

One of the mediums where remnants of the virus might be found is an elevator button. This means that simply pressing the buttons puts you at high risk of becoming infected. People often ask how to use lift buttons. Refrain from touching the elevator buttons with your bare hands to prevent the transmission of virus in elevators.

- Elevator maintenance should be done on a regular basis

Having your elevators cleaned and maintained regularly as per covid elevator rules is a smart idea and you can always call the experts at Polo Elevators according to your requirements. Coronavirus can survive for an extended period of time in the air or on surfaces such as buttons and doors.

Except for natural ventilation that occurs during the opening and closing of doors, most elevators do not have a mechanical ventilation system.  This can increase the probability of it spreading since elevators enable the virus to stay in the air for longer.


As a result of Covid-19, lift hygiene has become extremely important. To avoid the virus from spreading, health precautions such as keeping a safe distance, wearing a mask, and sanitizing should be prioritized.

These precautions are particularly more important in enclosed locations with high foot traffic, such as a lift. Every day, dozens, if not hundreds, of people use a lift, making them a highly probable location of contracting the disease.