Commercial elevators with large load capacity and greater vehicle dimensions are known as industrial elevators. An industrial freight elevator is used for high-altitude goods movements between floors. The hydraulic hoist, an industrial elevator, has a high lifting height. Industrial elevators use a side-mounted oil cylinder or a double-sided oil cylinder arrangement, less noise, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, and long service life. The pit size of a freight elevator can range from 15 cm to 30 cm and the top layer is not restricted in height. In case of any outage, manual emergency descent is safe, reliable, practical, and quick. Industrial elevators can be modified to fit the needs of the job site. 

The pumping station of industrial elevators uses a joint venture pumping station or imported pumping station. The joint venture pumping station is used in cases where the requirement of speed is too high. 
 The platform boom holds the oil cylinder and the unstable voltage and oil leakage of parts of oil cylinders are efficiently replaced with imported parts. Industrial elevators can be perfectly installed both internally and externally. In an Industrial elevator, the automatic insurance during the ascent ensures the safety of the ascent, and the alarm setting when descending to the ground ensures the safety of the operator. With guide wheels, excellent precision, and stability these elevators have a convenient operation, visual display of the floor position of the car, the wiring harness which is connected by connectors, and the control which has automatic or manual control. 

The security and stability advantages of industrial elevators are as follows:-
1.    Emergency manual valve for any power outage so that the elevator can be lowered to the nearest floor in order to open the door. 
2.    Oil tank temperature protection for a situation where the oil exceeds the standard set value. 
3.    Low failure rate- The failure rate of elevator operation can be lowered, thanks to a sophisticated hydraulic system and good control method.
4.    Pipeline rupture valve- When the hydraulic system pipeline ruptures and the elevator stops and descends, the oil circuit can be turned off automatically to stop the elevator from lowering. 
5.    Relief valve- during upward movement a relief valve helps prevent excessive system pressure. 
6.    Low power consumption- When the hydraulic lift is down, it is propelled by the pressure created by its own weight, which saves a significant amount of energy. 

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