In a world of urbanization, we are constantly engaged in our busy lives especially when it comes to our profession. In this regard, there is one thing that certainly gets neglected is our rush to different places by travelling through the lifts. Even in an apartment life, lifts have become a regular phenomenon where people avoid stairs and instead use the lifts.

In such a daily monotonous routine, we sometimes end up taking a lot of things for granted including the lift safety. After all, how many of us have a backup or alternate solution if there is any problem in the lifts. It is this issue that will be addressed in the following write-up. It is important for all of us to be aware of the lift problems or threats and how can we solve them without getting scared.

Though lifts are a safe form of vertical transportation, given below are some tips to use the lift properly and ensure safe and a comfortable ride for everyone:

  • Don’t hold the lift, instead use the button : This is one habit that should not be done. Normally people stop the lift by using a limb of the body (hand or leg) but this is not safe. Though, there are sensors on the lifts to sense the limb touch on it, but one should not take the risk of continuing this practice. In place of doing this, one should use the buttons to hold the lift for someone else. At the same time, if one is rushing, do not use hand or leg to stop the lift. It is better to wait for another lift that will come eventually. Also, do not press the button twice; this will only slow down the lift service.
  • Do not overcrowd the lift : In a rush time, one normally finds it convenient to just squeeze in with the crowd to reach a place faster but this can create risk for that person and others especially if the lift comes at a halt in between. Though, the lift gives a warning signal when the capacity of the lift has exceeded, it nevertheless creates an uncomfortable feeling for everyone.
  • Wait for the lift to open completely : This means that one should not step out immediately once the lift lands on a floor and go out immediately. There can always be a gap that one can neglect. Hence, one should be mindful of the gap between the lift and the floor.
  • Be calm when trapped inside the elevator : Yes, it can feel claustrophobic when someone is trapped inside the elevator running out of breath in panic. But one should be patient and calmly tackle the situation bravely. In such a scenario, one should press the alarm button and /or use the intercom installed inside the lift and then be patient to wait for the help for the security and maintenance team to come. It is equally important to relax and not to attempt doing things such as forcibly open the door.
  • Discuss the above safety measures with children also : These safety measures should also be explained to the children as well as they love to use the lifts but they should know the Dos and the Don’ts. It is crucial that a child should be explained in a comprehensive manner without making them feel scary. Such chats with kids can be done in a lot of engaging ways. At the same time, one has to also reassure them that lifts by design one of the safest and secure modes of transportation. 

By using the above given safety precautions and using the presence of mind, one can prevent accidents or threats to oneself in the lifts. Today, lifts are used everywhere and are a safe mode of vertical transportation which are known for their ease, efficiency and reliability. Though they are absolutely safe, the above guidelines should be kept in mind in order to reduce the chances of misfortunes and hence, secure all the passengers.

However, one should not forget to maintain the lift system regularly as well to keep the lifts working in a good condition.

By POLO ELEVATORS - Elevator Suppliers & Lift Manufacturers in Delhi NCR