Safety Features of Capsule Elevators and Lifts

What are Capsule elevators?

Capsule Elevators are lifts that are installed on the exterior side of the buildings. These Elevators are generally made up of glass and increase the aesthetic appeal of buildings. As the name suggests, Capsule lifts are enclosed in a capsule-shaped car. Capsule elevators can be used in high-rise buildings and tall structures, but they can also be used in some residential and commercial buildings. These elevators take up less space and consume less energy compared to traditional elevators because they do not require a dedicated machine room. Capsule elevators are quieter than traditional elevators and offer various customization options, including the size, shape, and color of the capsule.

How safe are the Capsule elevators

Capsule elevators are typically manufactured with high-quality materials and are considered completely safe when designed, inspected, and maintained according to relevant safety standards. They have a very low rate of accidents. While capsule elevators are generally safe, its crucial to choose a reputable and certified elevator company Like Polo Elevators to ensure the highest level of safety.

Safety Features of Capsule Elevators

Capsule elevators have a ton of safety features to ensure the safety of the passengers. This features include many high-tech sensors and alarms. Some of the most important safety features of Capsule Elevators are:-

  • Emergency brakes of Capsule Elevators: Emergency braking system is incorporated within Capsule Elevators to prevent the lift from falling. These brakes activate automatically whenever the elevator exceeds its rated speed or the rope break for some reason.
  • Overload protection: Overloading can cause elevators to malfunction or even fall. Overload sensors prevent the elevators from overloading by detecting if the weight inside the elevator exceeds the maximum capacity.
  • Automatic Rescue Devices: These devices are designed to rescue passengers in the event of an elevator malfunction or emergency. They can be used to lower the elevator car to the ground or to transport passengers to a safe location.
  • Fire Suppression System of Capsule Elevators: Special fire-resistant materials are used to manufacture Capsule elevators. This helps in minimizing the spread of fire in case of a fire emergency within the building.
  • Emergency Stop Buttons: Emergency stop buttons are provided inside and outside the capsule elevators to stop the elevator in the event of an emergency.
  • Door Sensors of Capsule Elevators: Capsule elevators are fitted with sensors that detect objects or obstructions in the door opening. If an object is detected, the doors will not close or will reopen to prevent injury or damage.
  • Emergency Communication device: Intercom or emergency communication device is installed inside the capsule elevator which allows the passengers to communicate with building management if any emergency situation arises.
  • Backup Power Supply: Capsule elevators are equipped with Emergency power supplies which generally consist of generators or batteries to deal with power failure.
  • Emergency lighting: Emergency lighting systems installed in capsule elevators, automatically activates during a power outrage. This ensures that the passengers have sufficient visibility inside the elevator in case of an emergency.
  • Emergency alarm Switch: The Emergency Alarm Switch is an alert button that enables the user to call for help in emergencies. This button can be placed anywhere on the Capsule Elevator with a red Emergency sign. Passengers can inform and summon the building management by pressing this emergency alarm switch.


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