What to Do When You are Stuck in An Elevator?

Picture yourself entering an elevator with the expectation of a smooth journey to your desired floor, only to find yourself trapped midway. Such an occurrence can evoke feelings of anxiety and unease. But what if there was a way to turn this frightening experience into a manageable situation? Nevertheless, with the appropriate insights and solutions, this challenge can be effectively managed.

In this blog, we will get the insights and solutions to overcome this situation in life calmly and things to do when stuck in an elevator.

How to Handle Being Stuck in an Elevator


  1. Remain Calm: It's crucial to remain calm in the face of being stuck in an elevator. Panicking can intensify the situation, so take deep breaths and reassure yourself that assistance is on its way. Do your best to remain calm and try to keep the others in the elevator calm.
  2. Do Ring the Alarm: Press the alarm button inside the elevator car and await a response from someone trained to assist you. Whether it's a bell symbol or a phone symbol, activating this feature will signal for help, providing them with your location and any pertinent details.
  3. Do Not Attempt To Open The Door Forcefully: Exercise caution and avoid any attempts to force open the elevator’s doors. These doors are engineered to operate safely within the confines of their design. Engaging in any forceful manipulation may lead to unintended consequences.
  4. Preserve Device Battery Life: If relying on a cell phone for communication or calling for help, conserve battery capacity by minimizing screen brightness and shutting down unnecessary applications. Extended durations spent in the elevator may demand prolonged phone usage, highlighting the importance of battery preservation.
  5. Stay Prepared for Rescue: As you wait for help, mentally prepare yourself for potential rescue operations by emergency personnel. Follow any instructions they provide and be prepared to evacuate the elevator safely if needed.
  6. Avoid the Elevator Shaft: If there's visibility or access to the elevator shaft from within, ensure everyone stays far away from it. Falling into the shaft poses a grave danger, potentially resulting in severe injury or fatality. Maintain distance from the doors and any floor openings to ensure safety for all passengers.

Practical Insights and Solutions

  1. Regular Maintenance Services: Irregular maintenance often leads to elevator malfunctions. 
  2. Advanced Emergency Communication Systems: An elevator system should be equipped with cutting-edge emergency communication systems, such as intercoms and emergency phones. In case of being stuck in elevator, passengers can easily reach out to building security or maintenance for immediate assistance.
  3. Extensive Training Programs: Offer comprehensive training to building staff and occupants on emergency procedures, including actions to take when stuck in an elevator.


In conclusion, the chances of getting stuck in an elevator are unforeseen, but it does exist. Finding yourself stuck in an elevator can be a nerve-wracking experience, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming. With the right approach and timely actions, this challenging situation can be effectively managed. Remember to remain calm and reassure yourself and others in the elevator that help is on the way. Utilize the alarm system to alert trained personnel and avoid attempting to force open the doors. Additionally, invest in regular maintenance services, advanced emergency communication systems, and extensive training programs. 

Here at Polo Elevators, we deeply value the significance of safety and reliability in elevator performance. Therefore, we are fully committed to furnishing practical solutions to mitigate the issue of elevator entrapment.