The Need and Significance of Capsule Elevators

We are in our modern times where everything around us is getting transformed, from living to lifestyle, from work to travelling, our habits and many more that remain uncountable. What is significant to note is that there could be various reasons to go modern in life. It could either be ease and convenience, a sense of joy or a feeling of luxury. All of this keeps adding to our quest for modernising ourselves and everything around us and everything we use.

While certain things are drastically changing where the focus has been on becoming faster and efficient, one aspect of modernisation is also a personal level of satisfaction derived from it which complements the main function of being efficient in working.

As an elevator company, we have realised that even we need to do something that adds to the gratification of people in general while they are using the lifts. What could be better than having glass elevators or capsule elevators in places which receive a large number of visitors.

Capsule Elevators have become quite a trend in several places, especially in the commercial centres. The obvious reason is to attract the eyeballs of the people who are stepping inside and hence be a visual treat both for the outside who is viewing the lift as well as those who are using the lift. Many shopping complexes or big commercial establishments have installed capsule lifts to do exactly the same while retaining the functioning of being fast and efficient.

There are quite a few benefits of using the capsule elevators that have been listed below that has made a lot of authorities to make a decision to install such kind of lifts :

  • Panoramic View - When anyone travels in a capsule lift, it offers a panoramic view of the outside from all sides giving a delightful visual treat. When capsule lifts are installed in places like malls then it offers views of various retail shops from different floors, adding to the photographic memory of that place and hence, there is an impression that is casted on one’s mind about the visuals of that place.
  • Adds to the Decor - This is undoubtedly true where the capsule lifts made of glass enhances the interior part of any place. Also having capsule lifts does not make the space look small. Glass can anytime complement with any kind of setup of any place as transparent decor adds to the appeal of the place. 
  • Saves electricity - With elevators made of glass, the sound does not pass through the glass whereas it allows the light to pass through. Whenever the capsule lift is used during the daytime, there would be no use of electricity since the daylight is being used in the lifts. This ends up saving a lot of energy as well as cost with respect to the electricity expenses and maintenance inside the elevators.
  • Longevity and Durability of Glass Material - The capsule elevators made of glass are made of toughened glass that is almost unbreakable. Many people have a misconception that glass lifts can crack or break but there is nothing like it. When there is proper maintenance (which will surely be followed up by the elevator company), capsule elevators can last for around 20 years. Also, it needs to be noted that capsule glass lifts can be used by anyone irrespective of weight. It is not like that if a heavy man stands inside the lift, the glass will break. The weight rule will apply the same for all whereas as long as the overall weight of the elevator does not exceed the upper limit, the capsule lift like any other lift will work perfectly.

Hence, from the above advantages mentioned, it could be concluded that capsule lifts can uplift the visual appeal of that place having the same functions as that of any elevator in the market. Rather capsule lifts can be the most attractive feature of that commercial centre attracting a number of people to use it.

With respect to the capsule lifts, Polo Elevators are known for the manufacturing and production of the capsule lifts that are made of glass. With the above benefits mentioned about the glass lifts, various centres can actually opt for capsule lifts. In addition to it, Polo Elevators have an efficient system in place to ensure the servicing and the maintenance of the lifts that it sells so that the client does not have to worry about the functioning of the capsule lift. If someplace is planning to buy capsule elevators then Polo Elevators must be considered as they can offer good choices for the same.

BY POLO Elevators