What are the benefits of using elevators in homes

Home elevators had been considered an extreme luxury product for most people. Until recently, the scenario has changed drastically. The cost of the equipment drops drastically which changed the taste and lifestyle of people today. If you are thinking of buying an elevator for your home, it can be a straightforward process with the right kind of planning and information. 

As more people are getting aware of the elevators, more people around the world are choosing the installation of the residential elevators for easy accessibility in their homes. With a wide range of home elevators, it gets difficult for people to decide the operating system which is best for their residence. 

Here are some of the most common types of home elevators:
1.    Winding Drum Systems 

The age-old design that comes to mind when thinking of residential elevators is the winding drum systems. In an electric motor, the cable helps in winding through the drum. This drum and motor can be placed at the top and bottom of the hoist way. The cables require annual maintenance and should be replaced in approximately 5 years. 
2.    Roped Hydraulic Home Elevators 
The Hydraulic ropes combine the advantages of the hydraulic systems along with the ease of the roped ones. The piston is supported by the pedestal and connected to the hoist way by the series of brackets. The pair of the steel cable is then anchored to the floor of the shaft and is stretched around the pulley and also attached to the bottom of the L-sling on which the cab sits. This type of home elevator system requires a specific machine room that can be placed inside the home. 

3.    Chain Driven Counterweight System 
These types of elevators are most commonly used in office buildings. It doesnít require a separate machine room; the chain present enables the elevator cab to move up and down smoothly. The cables require less maintenance and use counterweight, which equates to the weight of 40% loaded elevator cab. It is hung on the opposite end of the chain of the elevator cab itself. 

4.    Inline Gear Chain System 
This is an improvement on the basic chain drive concept by placing the motor assembly at the top of the shaft. It allows less headroom on the shaft, reduces the construction costs, and provides faster access to emergency controls outside the car. This type of elevator system is much safer as compared to the traditional chain-driven systems. 

5.    Gearless Traction Elevators 
This is the type of elevator that is generally found in office buildings. These are energy-efficient home lifts that combine the cables of winding the drum system with the counterweights of a chain drive. The cables are attached to the top of the elevatorís cabin; however, the other end of the cables is attached to the counterweight that helps in traveling up and down in the hoist. 

6.    Vacuum Elevator Systems
This is one of the latest innovations in elevators. They operate by using various turbine motors and valves to generate the areas of higher and lower atmospheric pressures within the cylinder hoist. These elevators do not require harmful oils or lubricants to operate as well as neither pre-construction shafts nor pit or machine room. These elevators can be installed anywhere inside the home without the consuming footprint or annual maintenance cost of the traditional home elevators.  

Best Benefits of Elevators 

When you look at various benefits that come with the installation of home elevators, you will definitely think about installing one. Here are the top 5 benefits of installing an elevator:
1.    Functionality 
Elevators are very important in simplifying our daily tasks. it is quite tiresome for people to carry the items up and down. It is easy to carry items up and down with the help of an elevator. This spares a lot of time wastage, especially when carrying multiple items. For the people who have any issue with mobility, elevators can be a savior.   
2.    Saves space 
It is seen that the home elevators take up less space as compared to the staircase. This helps in saving a huge chunk of space. The major reason is that the elevators take up only a small amount of room. In certain cases, the elevator can also be installed outside on an external wall. 
3.    Increases the property value 
It is a profitable investment for many people, as it helps in the increment of the resale value of your home. You will see that the prospective buyers get easily attracted to homes that are accessible by the elevators. The resale value is a good reason why installing a residential elevator increases the desirability and worth of your home. 

4.    Secure 
The elevators bring safety to everyone living in your home. It is especially helpful for children, older people, and the frailer people who may find it tough to move up the stairs. 

5.    Style
With the affordability factor, the elevators add a stylish touch to the home. A home elevator is an investment that will help in benefiting you for a long time. This even helps in showcasing the latest trend in your street. 


The home elevators arenít reserved for the affluent members of our society. People should understand the value of installing an elevator. With a vast number of benefits, it is time that you should also adopt this trend. It is very affordable to own your home elevator.