Lifts or elevators are widely used for commercial as well as personal purposes. There are a lot of types of lifts providing separate, unique features and purposes. Polo elevators are one of the largest and most renowned elevator manufacturers in India with a large variety of lfts to offer. Polo elevators offer passenger lifts, goods lifts, home lifts, high rise lifts, capsule lifts, hospital lifts, chair lifts and many more.

In this blog, we are going to put light upon capsule lifts. What is a capsule lift? Capsule lift or glass capsule lift  is a type of lift that is installed on the exterior portion of the building that gives it an elevated appeal. Capsule lifts have three or five side glass options that means instead of the boring, usual metal wall interior, capsule lifts have glass walls that allow you to look at your surroundings while using the lift. 

Capsule lift or capsule elevator use a specific plan. The capsule lift plan is designed to make sure that the aesthetic design does not hamper the ability of the lift to perform its sole purpose, commuting. Capsule lifts along with helping people commute, provide a different experience as people can look at the surroundings. And also enhances the overall appeal of the building. 

Capsule Lift Dimensions And Capacity

Capsule lift or capsule elevators come in different capacities. They range from the capacity of 8-40 people. And the capsule lift dimensions are dependent on the capacity requirement. If the requirement is to make a capsule lift that is suitable for more than 20 people, the dimensions and the structure will be different from a capsule lift required for 8-10 people. It will be more rigid and somewhat bigger to accommodate the number of people it is designed for. Also, Capsule lifts can be traction machine based or hydraulic machine based depending on the machine room location.

Capsule Lifts For Home

Capsule lifts or capsule elevators have widely been seen in hotels, fancy malls, where they enhance the appeal of the building with its unique structure. But, lately, people have been opting for capsule lifts for home. Capsule elevators for home are known to enhance the overall appeal of the architecture of one’s home. These octagonal lifts made of glass are a high selling point given its classy appeal and functionality. 

Polo elevators offer customizable capsule elevators, where one has options to select from when it comes to the door shapes, the ceiling style, flooring and the shape of the capsule.

Capsule Lift Price

People usually opt for a small capsule lift for home which is relatively easy in the pocket. A capsule lift for home costs somewhere in the range of 5 Lakhs to 30 Lakhs. And a small capsule lift, supporting the weight of 6-8 people.

Capsule elevators or glass elevators are the most modern and futuristic looking elevators yet. Shaped in octagonal and other geometric shapes to give it the aesthetic and modern appeal and make it spacious enough for more people to occupy. It is because of these unique shapes that it has the capacity to bear the weight of more people than it might seem it can handle. 

Polo elevators is a well known brand in the elevator industry and it aims to excel and become the number one for all elevator requirements in India.