Lifts and escalators are widely used for vertical transportation between building floors, commonly used in offices, malls, hospitals and even homes. There are lifts for various purposes, either transporting people, transporting heavy loads of materials or commonly known as service lifts. 

Polo elevators are well known for their premium quality lifts and escalators in India. Polo elevators have a variety of lifts to select from that meet your needs. We have lifts for commercial, personal and industrial purposes. Moreover, we have a best in class range of chair lifts

Chair lifts are designed to make commuting convenient for specially-abled and people with other kinds of disabilities. Chair lifts are designed to fit in any staircase and provide an electronically powered rail that supports and helps commute a wheelchair and its user from one floor to another. 

Chair lifts are a very imperative part of any public place and various offices. This is because chair lifts make it possible for disabled people to commute and be comfortable. Many people have installed chair lifts at home to avoid any injury and conveniently travel up and downstairs.

Chair lifts are not only for the use of the elderly or the specially-abled people but also for people who have undergone a severe surgery or operation and have difficulties using the stairs. 

Best Chair Lift In India

Polo elevator chair lifts in India are the best. This is so because of the years of experience with Polo elevators and being one of the first people in this industry. 

The chair lifts provided by Polo elevators are very superior in quality, handle more weight and have the best after-sales services. Our chair lifts are priced very economically. Our range of chair lifts start from 1 lakh and go upto 10 lakh or more.

There are options for a chair lift for stairs outdoors. The only difference with the ones suitable for outdoors is that they are resistant to water and avoid dirt and waste to collect in tiny spots, which may be problematic in the future. 

Also, chair lifts can be installed on any type of staircase with an appropriate support mechanism. Chair lifts can even be installed on staircases with turns. Our team of experts at Polo elevators do the most efficient chair lifts for stairs with the minimal scope of rectification and maximum ease for commuting. 

Opt for Polo elevators, Opt for the best. We, at Polo elevators, provide the best in class elevators and escalators with the best after-sales services in India. Our chair lifts in India are well renowned for their smooth functioning and durable, long-lasting build quality.