The fast movement has become a necessity in our daily lives where we are constantly in a rush to reach somewhere or the other. To facilitate this movement, we need something that can make our movement faster. That is where the machine and technology come into place.

With this, we arrive at two options that are primarily seen everywhere whether in the residential sector or commercial sector. These two options are either elevator is used or escalator is used in a building. There are both pros and cons of using these two. However, the using of elevator or escalator depends on the main utility of the building and the kind of footfall at a place.

In order to understand the relevance of using and the significance of using an elevator or escalator by assessing each determinant about them as mentioned below:

  • Type of Space - This is the first factor that any elevator company or escalator company would look at. Space has to be examined for the installation of an elevator or escalator. While in most places, elevators can be installed as an elevator can work in any building even in the narrow space, the same does not hold true for escalator as escalators need space for installation and usage.
  • Ease of Installation - usually, escalators have limitations when it comes to installation as they require proper space where they can be installed along with space underneath for the machinery, oil and running gear. The time and cost involved in the installation of the escalator are also high. Escalators cannot be modified according to the space available and require ceratin parameters that will determine the installation of the escalators. However, unlike escalators, modern elevators do not face such limitations for the simple reason that various kinds of lifts are available in the market suiting different industries and types of buildings. The installation of the elevator entails low cost and time which makes the installation process quicker than that of an escalator.
  • Incurring Cost - For escalator, it should always be powered which incurs a lot of costs and the escalator should be moving at all times to ensure its efficient use and to prevent it from becoming a dead asset. But with the elevator, the total cost incurred is quite low compared to that of an escalator as there is already a technical configuration of how lifts will function.
  • Safety Issue - With escalators, there have been accidents where either people have lost balance or fell on the moving stairs. Many people fear of using escalators in India and are unable to step on it. However, elevator solves these problems as people feel confident on stepping into a lift. Even if an elevator stops working due to power cut, there would always be an arrangement who would rescue the people though it is ensured that such incidents do not happen in the first place by the elevator company.
  • The Opportunity of Accessibility - Unlike escalators, elevators win over the point of accessibility where any specially-abled persons with limited mobility can use it which is not possible many a time on the escalators. In the elevators, the movement is smooth and seamless for the differently-abled people. Also, lifts can make one travel to far more many floors whereas the escalator would just take a person one or two floors at a time.
  • Efficiency - On this aspect, both escalators and elevators are good when it comes to functioning normally. Escalators have the advantage of taking more number of people at once than the elevators where a certain weight limit is there. But again it all boils down to the space that one is using these machine technologies.

From the above, we have examined how accessibility at different places can be obtained depending upon the above determinants that will allow for the elevator or the escalator to be installed and used by the people. All the above determinants will decide the right choice for a particular space or a building structure.

One thing we could agree is that lifts are much easier and better to use at many places since they have more advantages though escalators can be equally good and useful especially in places like that of malls or retails or any commercial area with a number of limited floors.

However, it could also be inferred that elevator is more of universal mobility accessibility feature that can put up in many buildings unlike the escalator. Elevators are equally a good investment like escalators where the lifts will ensure a safe and swift vertical transportation of people. In this regard, if one is looking for the installation of lifts, then one should contact a lift manufacturing company known as ‘Polo Elevators’. They are based in Delhi manufacturing and supplying various kinds of lifts that also with customization so that people have a good and enjoyable mobility experience.